The 2012 Brotherton Lecture: Music In The Brain

Professor Isabelle Peretz, International Laboratory For Brain, Music And Sound Research (BRAMS), University Of Montreal

Carrillo Gantner Lecture Theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, The University Of Melbourne


7:00 pm

Of all the performing arts, music is the most mysterious. Why and how music works on our brain will be the focus of this talk. The study of musical emotions plays a crucial role in this neurobiological perspective. Indeed, musical emotions are inherent to experiences of music and may account for its ubiquity, its therapeutic effects and its benefits to cognitive functioning.



(L-R: Dr Margaret Osborne; James Richmond-AMPS Student Rep, Music Psych Lab; Laura Bird-Music Psych Lab; A/Prof Sarah Wilson; Prof Isabelle Peretz; A/Prof Neil McLachlan; Dawn Merrett-Music Psych Lab; David Marco-Music Psych Lab)