Adolescents' Experiences Of Music: Gaining "insider" Knowledge About Contexts, Engagement And Personal Meanings

A/Professor Susan O'Neill, Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Tallis Wing, Melbourne Conservatorium Of Music, Gate 12, Royal Parade, The University Of Melbourne


6:00 pm

Cost: Free


There is evidence that the involvement of young people as collaborators in the process of research contributes to the value and relevance of the information gathered. Young people, working within their own peer cultures, have a perspective that is not always easy for researchers and teachers to tap into. Yet, their “insider” knowledge can make an important contribution to understanding the ways in which young people relate to it, interpret it, respond to it emotionally, and make their own personal, meaningful connections. Drawing on a blend of positive youth development, emotional and motivational competence frameworks, and real-world learning research, A/Prof O'Neill will discuss how different perspectives frame aspects of youth experience in ways that enable purposeful engagement by some while creating barriers and constraints for others. A/Prof O'Neill will also discuss how a psychological approach can both shed light and obfuscate our understanding of motivation and emotional expression in adolescents' experiences of music.


Associate Professor O'Neill is an authoritative and distinctive figure in music psychology, arts and music education and performance internationally. A/Prof O’Neill is primarily a music psychology researcher and arts education theorist who has undertaken pioneering research on artistic and skill development and the acquisition of expert musical skills. She has been an invited speaker at many universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, University of London, Harvard, Northwestern, Columbia, and she has taught in universities in Canada, England, Hong Kong, Portugal and the United States. From 2001-2003 she was awarded Visiting Fellowship at the University of Michigan, USA. She has over 100 publications, including 15 chapters in books published by Oxford University Press. She is currently the Senior Editor of the Canadian Music Educators’ Association Biennial Book Series, Research to Practice. She is also currently the Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellow to the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, confirming her International distinction and relevance to the field of music psychology.